Our Core Business Philosophy

Caring. Support. Dreams.

Sure, we believe in the power of the free market, but money is not our main priority. Anyone can make a buck. But we believe in people before profits. We aspire for moms and dads to not only use our products to maintain their own physical well-being, but also feel good about providing their friends and family with Bode Pro's ultra-premium products.

As a direct sales company, we certainly recognize the need to properly reward our Influencers for spreading the Bodē Pro word. We also need to run the company. Beyond that, we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, so most everyone can experience these products. Lastly, here's what we know for certain. If we attract people who love to buy outstanding wellness products, but have historically repelled direct sales companies, then we win. When we win, our Influencers win through the creation of a successful and sustainable home-based residual business for years to come. And, nothing's better than a win-win relationship.

Our Rewards Program Overview

Unique. Powerful. Compliant.


Bodē Pro Rewards Program is unique for its ability to attract 4 major marketing channels...retail marketing, internet marketing, influencer marketing and network marketing. A 'first of its kind' type commission program that incorporates the best of both unilevel and binary compensation plans, it focuses on rewarding the different types of entrepreneurs who are attracted to marketing products they believe in, the way they feel fits best within their skill set. Rewarding entrepreneurs for real sales to real customers and a company like Bode Pro...does it like no other!


The secret to a successful commission program is that it works for the most popular marketing channels. While most companies focus on a singular channel while ignoring other multi-billion channels, Bodē Pro allows existing business people secondary income possibilities while also providing the part-time entrepreneur the ability to develop retail and residual incomes by marketing some massively consumable wellness products. Attracting these 4 marketing channels has also attracted the full-time networking professional that realize the potential of driving massive volume and what that could mean to those who want to earn substantial level of income... this Program does it all in a very powerful way!



Bodē Pro's Commission Program is customer centric and rewards Influencers for collecting new raving fan customers and maintaining their existing customer communities. Real sales of real products to real customers is the cornerstone. This Program is the future of how compliant compensation will be designed with the most current rules for the industry.