Our Core Philosophy

Honesty. Value. Trust.

At Bodē Pro, our core philosophy is simple. We manufacture and distribute the most physically impactful health and wellness products with the goal of making a positive difference in the health of families. Our goal is to develop 'raving fan' customers, hundreds of thousands of them and keeping those customers for life. This philosophy is not just simple. It's logical, reasonable, responsible and frankly, ethical.

This is the hallmark of a company who does things right. This is the hallmark upon which we will judge ourselves. That's a promise. In keeping with our promise, we commit to using only the finest ingredients available in our unique nutritional formulas. Admittedly, our margins are thin. That's because of our use of ultra premium ingredients that are also the most expensive ingredients, sourced from around the world and brought to your kitchen. It's our commitment to you. And that will never change.


Bodē Pro TEN Clinical Synopsis

The TEN formula contains a number of proprietary ingredients known to support mitochondrial functions.* Mitochondria are intracellular organelles, responsible for producing 90% of the body's cellular energy. Bodē Pro elected to perform pilot clinical testing on the effectiveness of its patent pending TEN formula on human mitochondria at the cellular level and overall well-being.

To date, six pilot tests have been conducted to determine the effects of TEN at the cellular level, particularly under stressed human culture conditions.

Bod•ē Pro TEN Clinical Synopsis